GWU Announces Center of Excellence in HPC

GWU"...Two new GW centers will emerge from the winning proposals:[.....] The Institute for Massively Parallel Applications and Computing Technology (IMPACT), an interdisciplinary faculty team spanning the School of Engineering and Applied Science and Columbian College that will conduct research, educational, and outreach programs in high- performance computing, known as supercomputers..." [Link]



CHREC NSF Center Award Press Release

GWU"...CHREC researchers will investigate new efficient architectures and tools for high-performance reconfigurable computers. These are supercomputers that, in addition to having conventional microprocessors, have reconfigurable hardware processors that can change its hardware to fit the problems they are trying to solve. High-performance computing holds tremendous promise in addressing the needs of a broad range of applications including signal and imaging processing, bioinformatics, cryptology, communcations processing, data and text mining, optimization, and complex system simulations..." [Link]


CHREC Kickoff

 The CHREC center kick off meeting was held in GWU on December 5 and 6, 2006. 70 attendees from NSF, over 20 industrial and governmental CHREC members, GWU, UF, Virginia Tech and BYU have engaged in presentations and discussions to create the Advisory Board and establish the first year research agenda. Mr. Alan Hunsberger was elected to lead the CHREC industrial advisory board (IAB). The official GWU welcome and opening remarks were given by Executive Vice President Don Lehman of GWU.

HPC Symposium @ GWU

 SEAS recently organized the first GW Symposium on High-Performance Computing and Applications, which was held at the Marvin Center in October 2006. The symposium was conceived to provide a forum to showcase advanced computing work at GW and to learn about the direction and key programs of the federal government in high performance computing. It was co-chaired by SEAS Professors Tarek El-Ghazawi, Steve Kan, and Rajat Mittal, and approximately 60 people from government, SEAS, and GW’s

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